Computations / Business Math

Four best sites - as selected by teachers and students - displayed with yellow background.


Amortization -- Mortgage Calculator

Time -- Finding Time Around the World

Currency -- Exchange Rates

Currency -- Exchange Rate Calculator

Decimals/fractions/ratios/percentages -- Ask Dr. Math

Decimals/fractions/ratios/percentages -- Lesson Plans

Sundial Computations

U.S. Metric Association

Statistics -- Dictionary

Currency -- Exchange Rate Converter

Time -- Time Zones

Income Tax -- Income Tax Information

Metric Calculator

Decimals/fractions/ratios/percentages -- Interactive Learning

Interval Computations

Metric Information

Statistics -- Federal Government Statistics Home Page

Algebraic Equations -- Adding Algebraic Equations to Web Pages

Algebraic Equations -- Algebra Tools

Statistics -- Simple Regression

Statistics -- Probability Calculator

Income Tax -- IRS Home Page

Income Tax -- Tax Forms

Stocks -- Stock Information

Length/Volume/Weight -- Unit Conversion

Amortization -- Mortgage Bankers Association Home Page

Decimals/fractions/ratios/percentages -- National Teachers of Mathematics Page

Decimals/fractions/ratios/percentages -- Brain Teasers

Decimals/fractions/ratios/percentages -- Teachers' Resource

Decimals/fractions/ratios/percentages -- Interactive