Southern Business Education Association

SBEA Members Serving NBEA

SBEA Members Serving NBEA

SBEA Members Serving NBEA

 NBEA Executive Committee (Executive Board)   Robert B. Blair

ByLaws/Policies & Procedures Committee (Executive Board)  Robert B. Blair                                          

Finance/Audit Committee (Executive Board)  Becky Petersen,           Diane Fisher, Virginia Hemby

Program of Work Committee (Exec. Board)   Robert B. Blair,               Robert B. Mitchell

ARBE—DPE Executive Committee  Robert B. Mitchell,                              Marcel Robles, Lisa G. Snyder

Awards Administrative Committee   Robert B. Blair,                               Donna Parker

Business Teacher Credentialing Task Force   Robert B. Blair,               Diane Fisher, Judith Sams,

Business Teacher Education    Robert B. Blair

Curriculum Committee   Diane Fisher,                                                               James Smith, Elisha Wohleb

Convention Program Committee   Madge Gregg

Convention Support Committees   Ginny Richerson

Curriculum Administrative Committee  Janice C. Harder,                         Judith Sams

Economic & Personal Finance   Jackie Morgan

Education Committee   Judith Sams

Foundation for the Future of Business   Madge Gregg

Education Administrative Committee   Sharon Rouse

ISBE Executive Committee  Mary Risner

Legislative Advocacy Committee   Joan Belk

NABTE Executive Committee  Robert B. Blair,                                               Diane Fisher, James R. Smith,  Lisa G. Snyder,  Elisha Wohleb

National Business Honor Society Alice HuskeyGlenith Moncus,  and Judith Sams

Nominating Committee   Madge L. Gregg

Personnel Committee   Virginia Hemby

Policies Commission for Business &  Economic Education  Benita Moore, Kellie Shumack,  Lisa G. Snyder, Leane Skinner

Publications Committee   Diane Fisher

Scholarship Administrative Committee  Ginny Richerson

Strategic Planning Committee    Robert B. Blair,  Virginia Hemby,  Geana Mitchell, Elisha Wohleb

Technology Committee   Virginia Hemby